Welcome to Tool Shop. We are an established retail group providing hardware and houseware solutions to many communities in the Central London area. We have a vast range products in each of our stores and a growing online presence to keep our valued customers updated with great deals.

Whether it be for domestic or commercial use, we make it our business to remain knowledgeable about the products we sell, and the industries we assist.

Since our inception back in 1997, we’ve had a very simple philosophy here at Tool Shop.

“Everything starts with community.”

Community isn’t just the locations in which we serve our customers, it’s also a culture and behaviour that runs deep within our company. Trust and integrity are core to our business proposition and we encourage staff and business associates to conduct themselves in a manner that is community driven at all times. Most of our staff live within the communities we operate, thus underpinning our co-operative philosophy.

In todays fast-paced world, getting closer to customers (for many businesses) can be all too rare. At Tool Shop however, our community integration has become the very reason we conduct our services.

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